Something New

“For once you have tasted flight, you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward; for there you have been, and there you long to return” – Leonardo da Vinci

I feel that this is the quote that best explains what traveling means to me.  While I’m traveling, I am my happiest self.  The non-stop whirlwind of discovery and adrenaline is where I feel the most comfortable.  But when I get home, back into my routine, it feels like something is missing.  I’ve experienced that high, and all I want to do is get that high back.  Which brings me to the first reason I’m starting this blog:  I’m getting antsy.  It’s just a nagging feeling that wont go away.  I find myself procrastinating not by wasting time online, but by looking through pictures from my trips and reading my travel journal over and over again.  Not a great place to be right before finals.  So I wanted some way to direct the travel impulses/jitters.  I hope for this to be a cathartic experience for me, as I relive some of my favorite and some of my not so favorite memories and put them into words.

The second reason is a little less personal and a little more pragmatic.  After traveling around South America for seven months, coming home sucked.  It signified the end of the best seven months of my life, and the transition was difficult.  As I think many people experience when coming back from abroad, I struggled to reconnect with friends, and had absolutely no idea how to answer the question, “How was abroad?”.  How could I sum up nearly four months of studying and traveling in Chile, and three months of backpacking across Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, and Colombia?  I had grown as a person from when I left in January, but didn’t know how to properly express that to people.  Even now I still don’t know how to explain how exhilarating and intoxicating it was doing things that for most people were stressful and uncomfortable.  I’ve shared very few specifics about my trip with anyone outside of my immediate family.  I hope that by allowing my friends and family to peek into a few of my most memorable travel experiences, they’ll be able to better understand my life during that time.

As for what I plan to write about or when I’m going to post something, I honestly have no idea.  The plan is to start from the beginning of my travels in January and work my way from there.  If I somehow manage to make it to August, then I may start looking back further, although those memories will certainly be less vivid.  A note about pictures: I’ll put in pictures where I feel they add something to the story (which they often do), but I will rarely be in the pictures.  I really like taking pictures of the places I visit, but I prefer that process to be as unobtrusive to my experience as possible.  This usually means I quickly pull my phone out and snap a photo, rather than set up a shot with me in it.  If I appear in a picture, its probably because I’ve been traveling with the same people for a good amount of time. Also, expect a lot of sunset pictures. I like sunsets.

I guess that’ll do for the introduction.  The next post will start with Peru.




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