Buenos Aires — The Life of Luxury

The morning of February 1st, right after I entered Argentina, was my first hot shower in over two weeks.  Admittedly, the lack of hot water in parts of Peru and Bolivia didn’t really bother me as it was the middle of summer.  That being said, I think this small detail embodies the way in which overall quality of life improved from the moment I entered Argentina.  It showed me that my time in Argentina and Chile was going be starkly different from what I had been experiencing.

While I absolutely love the rugged, immersive style of travel that accompanies a low-budget trip through a country with relatively little tourist infrastructure, it’s also nice to get back to a land of first world amenities. That’s why, when my friend Julie (who I was meeting in Buenos Aires), suggested that we splurge a bit to get an airbnb in a nice neighborhood with a rooftop pool, I quickly agreed.

Simply put, it was damn nice:img_2861

Not only that, but after a week of eating only bread, pasta, and quinoa as I attempted to recover from brutal food poisoning, my stomach was finally ready for real food and alcohol.  What followed were three days of culinary ecstasy.

Dinner at one of the best steakhouses in the city (Parilla Don Julio) with a whole bottle of delicious Malbec:

Copious amounts of dulce de leche:img_2896

And fantastic homemade meals enjoyed on the roof of our apartment while watching the sunset:img_2903

Whereas my days in Peru and Bolivia had been chock full of as many activities as possible, Buenos Aires gave me a chance to relax in luxury.  Julie and I spent our days lounging at the pool, meandering through beautiful urban parks and flower gardens, visiting museums, and exploring a mausoleum filled cemetery.

While not my favorite city in South America, I definitely got caught up in the flow of Buenos Aires and I appreciated its charm.  It was the perfect way to mentally reset before jetting off to Patagonia and diving into one of the most rugged, beautiful regions in the world.

Next time, El Calafate and the awe-inspiring Perito Moreno Glacier



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