Introducing the “Let’s Talk About ___” Series

Up to this point, my blog has been a pretty standard account of the places I visited while backpacking around South America and how I felt in those moments.  However, for my semester studying in Valparaíso, Chile,  that model doesn’t make a lot of sense.  After all, a lot of what I did was routine and not worth writing about.  Conversely, because I spent more than four months living with a Chilean family and immersing myself in the city of Valparaíso, I came to understand more deeply what daily life, culture, politics, and travel is like in Chile.

While I plan to write a typical travel account for the various places I traveled while in Chile (another trip to Patagonia, Easter Island, etc), I’m going to use a more general style for other topics.

So, for example, I’ll write a post titled “Lets Talk About Chilean Spanish” or “Lets Talk About Valparaíso’s Graffiti” or “Lets Talk About Protests in Chile”.  These posts will be broader pieces on patterns, trends, or insights I discovered about the Chilean world.  I think Chilean culture is fascinating, and thus I think writing in this style will allow me to properly express all that I have to say about this under-appreciated country.



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