My Return to Patagonia Part 2 – The Tiny Town of Frutillar

One of the day trips I took from Puerto Varas was to Frutillar, the ‘city of music’.

This city of 15,000 people has a small, sleepy town vibe… with one glaring exception.  Amongst the small German homes and quaint cafes and restaurants, sits a gigantic $25 million dollar theater.  This ‘teatro del lago’ (literally ‘theater of the lake’), is not only the largest theater in Chile, but also has the best acoustics of any theater in South America.

While I don’t fully understand why someone decided to spend twelve years and millions of dollars building such a monumental theater in a remote town, I’m happy they did.  The theater is right on the lake, so walking down the main street is quite the experience.  You get german style houses on one side, and the beach and theater on the other (with volcano Osorno in the background).

We spent the whole afternoon just relaxing on the beach, exploring the theater, and eating german pastries.

In case you couldn’t tell from this post, I liked Frutillar a lot. It was the perfect mix of modern architecture in an area that in most other ways felt stuck in the past.IMG_3579IMG_3580IMG_3697IMG_3574IMG_3584IMG_3583

We even made a friend while relaxing on the beach

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