Easter Island: The Sunsets of Ahu Tahai

A mere ten minute walk from the center of town will bring you to Ahu Tahai, the location of some of the most stunning sunsets I’ve ever seen.

To clarify, I first want to define the word Ahu. Ahu’s are ceremonial shrines made up of a raised platform and a groomed area in front of the platform. Then, moai, the defining statues of Easter Island,  are placed on top of the platform.  Here’s what they look like:IMG_4119

Now, one of the most well known Ahu on the island is Ahu Tahai.  While not the most physically impressive of the Ahu, it is the most accessible. For most people who visit the island, it is the only Ahu they see more than once or twice.  Equally as important, the Ahu faces due East, meaning each evening the sun sets directly behind the moai.  Watching the sun set between two moai is really freakin cool.  Seriously:IMG_3898

Because it’s so close, on nice days dozens of people (locals and tourists alike) walk to the Ahu and watch the sunset together.  As the perfect end to the day, people bring blankets, food, and drinks to relax with their friends and family.  It brings a nice sense of comradery to otherwise distinct local and tourist populations.


Next time, the beaches and Ahu on the northern tip of the Island.


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