Easter Island’s Moai Quarry: Rano Raraku

After our nighttime bike ride to the largest ahu on the island (see previous post), Will and I went to the incredible moai quarry.

Of the hundreds of moai scattered around Easter Island, 95% of them originated in one place, the quarry known as Rano Raraku.  This quarry, built on the side of an extinct volcano on the eastern part of the island, still has over 300 moai scattered around it.  The moai are at varying levels of completion, and it’s the one place on the island where you can see incomplete statues halfway carved from the rock.  Visitors follow the paths that wander around the area, meandering through the hundreds of moai.  Along with Ahu Tongariki (which you can see from the quarry), Rano Raraku is definitely one of the prime picture spots on the island.  Enjoy these shots:

On a separate note, this has been my first post in a while, as right now I’m finishing up exams.  It’s my last semester of college, and while entering the real world is a strange feeling, I’m excited.  Plus, I’ll be spending two months in Ecuador this summer, which will be the perfect way to transition.




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